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About Mariemont, OH - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Located in southwestern Ohio is a small, planned community known as Mariemont. It is one of few planned communities in the United States. Mariemont is located about 10 miles east of Downtown Cincinnati and is positioned in Hamilton County. According to the United States Census Bureau, there were approximately 3,430 people living in Mariemont in 2016. It is the 31st largest community in Hamilton County.

Like many southwestern Ohio communities, Mariemont is located in an area originally inhabited by Native American Indians. In the late 1700s, a European-American settler named Major Benjamin Stites purchased land. The Ferris brothers purchased a portion of his in 1799. The settlement established by the Ferris brothers was very successful despite its location on flood-prone land. However, the Ferris brothers moved their settlement to higher grounds. The location of the new settlement is modern-day Mariemont, Ohio.

Individuals who visit Mariemont will discover a unique community. As aforementioned, Mariemont is one of few planned communities in the United States. In 2007, the community was designated a National Historic Landmark. The community is characterized by beautiful, tree-lined streets, Tudor style buildings, and distinctive Midwestern charm. Residents are provided access to many reactional opportunities. The community was voted one of most ‘walkable’ communities. There are 14 parks located in Mariemont, all providing residents and visitors unique recreation opportunities. The community is also home to a beautiful Village Square. On the Square, individuals are able to visit shops, restaurants, and the historic Mariemont Theatre. Truly, Mariemont is the ideal place to live.

Mariemont is located in an area that experiences very cool winters and warm, humid summers. Heating and cooling systems should be installed in the homes of residents. During the winter seasons, freezing temperatures and snowfall are common. During the summer seasons, temperatures will rise to the mid-90s and above when extreme waves of warm air pass through Mariemont. Systems like central air conditioning units and heat pumps protect individuals and their homes from potential damages caused by extreme temperatures. Depending on the time of year, an efficient cooling and heating system may literally be a lifesaver.