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About Glendale, OH - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Located in southwest Ohio is a small suburban village known as Glendale. Glendale is located about 16 miles from Cincinnati. The village is positioned in Hamilton County and is one of the smallest municipalities therein. According to the United States Census Bureau, there were approximately 2,157 people living in Glendale as of 2016.

Glendale was originally inhabited by Native American Indians until they were driven away by the efforts of General Anthony Wayne in 1794. European-American settlers quickly capitalized on the removal of the natives and soon thereafter established villages and communities. Glendale was founded in 1855. The village began as a series of farms across 565-acres. Its position along Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad gave life to the village and made the community very attractive to new settlers and businesses. Although the community was constructed to serve as a station for wooding and watering, and passengers and freight along the railway, Glendale developed as a beautiful, attractive village.

Individuals who visit modern-day Glendale will discover a charming, Midwestern community. Residents of Glendale enjoy easy access to nearby attractions like Winton Woods, a large public park, and the Glenwood Gardens. These provide enjoyable recreation for individuals and families in the area. Other attractions include Highfield Discovery Garn and Bechtold Park. Located in the Glendale are many shops, restaurants, and community facilities. In Glendale, residents enjoy an excellent quality of life and access to wonderful facilities and amenities.

Glendale is located in a region of the United States where very cool winters and warm, humid summers are common. It is recommended that residents in the area have access to heating and cooling systems. During the winter months, freezing temperature highs and snowfall is common. Temperatures will rise into the mid-90s and when heat waves pass through the village during the summer seasons. Central air condition units and furnaces help Glendale residents stay comfortable in their homes during the various weather conditions when properly installed by professional HVAC technicians.